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Using your MBTI to enrich your life and relationships.

INTJ Late start

We’ll start off with just some observations about myself ignoring the MBTI framework.

I’ve known forever that I’m an introvert. Through middle/high school I felt obligated to be in social situations so I didn’t fall into the “weird social outcast” category in my mind. The way I see people is by who they’re similar too. When I saw the preppy student who appeared fake, they fell into a box. The nice prep who I got along with, another box. I find myself attracted to women who care a lot about others and make it very known that that’s their intent. These did not last long because communicating always became frustrating, they never seemed to have enough input and I would always end up faking emotion just to satisfy. I often found myself wanting everything to line up/be perfect until it becomes difficult, at which point it’s just a matter of getting something completed. Then in downtime I find it relaxing to line things up and make things even.

Now let’s apply the MBTI:

The people in all these “Boxes” tended to be the same or similar types. People I got along with were typically intuitive, big picture, types.

The women I dated or were attracted to were all sensing, typically extroverted.

I was expected to care about every detail and how that might affect something in the future where I always went down the logical “Is there anything I can do about this? Yes? Don’t worry. No? Don’t worry.”

I care about big picture first then switch to detail oriented if possible.

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